What is your Winter Game Plan?

What is your Winter Game Plan?

As we enter into fall, it is important to start to plan ahead for the winter months. With colder temperatures and lower humidity, it is very important to choose your teat dips wisely. The aforementioned winter weather conditions can play a major role in developing dried and cracked teat skin which can harbor mastitis causing organisms. Also, having a plan and communication strategy in place on when to switch dips is also very important. Having a written protocol in place and training employees on the procedure for changing teat dips will ensure that everyone is on the same page.

When it comes to making those decisions there are a lot of factors that come into play. Temperature, wind chill, housing design, and degree of teat exposure are a few items to think about. In my opinion not dipping cows should not be an option. In the harshest conditions dipping cows and waiting 30 seconds and blot dry would be the most effective strategy. When making your determination on dipping protocol, it is always important to discuss teat health programs with your veterinarian.

Winter Dine™ was developed by ProActive Solutions USA for cold temperature teat dipping alternatives to provide microbial control and superior skin care. Winter Dine™ is a premium 1% iodine along with a triple emollient package offering 50% total emollients. It will also stay in solution up to -25 degrees F. The chart below can be a good tool to use to determine the adjusted temperature with wind chill. It is important to note that the data for frost bite is done with human data but will serve as an adequate reference for the potential danger to teat skin tissues during the winter months.



Jeremy Arend

Animal Health & Hygiene Sales Manager – ProActive Solutions USA, LLC

Jeremy has been working in milk quality for the past 17 years. He has worked as field representative as well as animal health and hygiene specialist before becoming sales manager. He holds a degree from Michigan State University in Agricultural Business as well as short course in Dairy Management.

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