We work to raise your milk quality, herd health, and deliver your operational goals.

ProActive Solutions USA provides effective and reliable sanitization services that directly impact the health and hygiene of your animals and products from dairy farm to table.

Services and Support

Our Animal Health & Hygiene Specialist are highly trained to troubleshoot today’s most challenging cleaning, sanitization and hygiene problems. Receive careful guidance in developing SSOPs, recommendations on chemicals, equipment, and procedures that will minimize costs and maximize performance on your farm.

Udder Health and Hygiene

ProActive Solutions USA manufactures high-quality teat dips to aid in the prevention of mastitis-causing organisms. Teat health and hygiene begins with the right germicide and emollient package. Our Animal Health & Hygiene Specialist are trained to assist dairies in making proper decisions based on farm conditions. We offer:

Iodine Teat Dips

Peroxide Teat Dips

Chlorine Dioxide Dips

Bronopol Dips

Barrier Dips

Winter Dips

Woven and nonwoven teat wipes

Milking Parlor Cleaning and Sanitization/ CIP

Top-notch milk quality starts with an effective wash program. We tailor wash programs for dairies of all sizes, and ensure optimal cleanliness and hygiene at every level. Upon evaluation of your dairy farm’s goals, we customize your milk parlor wash program to align with your needs. Our expertise covers a range of essentials, including; detergents, acids, sanitizers, and single phrase cleaners.

Herd Care

The ProActive Solutions Comprehensive Dairy Farm Service Program includes high-quality herd care. Implementing our health and hygiene programs improves your animals’ health, comfort, quality of life and production. Ask us about animal calf and hoof care.

Dairy Farm Chemical & Sanitizer Equipment

ProActive Solutions manufactures high quality chemicals and sanitizers to solve your sanitation needs. To apply our products, we rely on the equipment manufacturers for the “best available technology” in teat dip foaming, parlor foaming, teat dip transfer systems, chemical dosing pumps, laundry pumps, and mixing systems.

Bundle Your Purchases!

One P.O., One Check, One Delivery! Consider bundling your animal care with our other specialty chemical programs; laundry, lagoon treatment, digestor chemistry, glycols, and water treatment.

Additionally, we provide a full line of Personal Protective Equipment* including eye and ear protection, aprons, nitrile and latex gloves, boots, and rainwear which you can add to your order as well.

*Brands available include Tingley, Safetyzone, Howard Leight, IVEX, & Honeywell.


We proudly partner with Canberra to provide innovative and convenient cleaning and sanitation products. Browse our catalog for;

  • Drain maintenance
  • Mold and mildew stain cleaners
  • glass and creme cleanser
  • Liquid dish wash
  • Vehicle wash
  • Oven and grill cleaners
  • Furniture polish
  • Dust mop treatment
  • Stainless steel cleaner/polish
  • Hand wash and sanitizer
  • Hand soap dispensers
  • Floor care products
  • Disinfectants
  • All purpose cleaner/degreaser
  • Carpet care
  • Aerosols


We have all of the tools you need, in a variety of colors, providing you the flexibility to design an effective sanitation system that is right for your environment.

  • Shovels
  • Fork, rake, and paddles
  • Dustpans and bowl scoops
  • Hand scoops
  • Scrapers
  • Wall brackets
  • Buckets
  • Metal detectable
  • Tubs and undercarriages
  • Sweeping brooms
  • Deck scrubs and tank brushes
  • Hand brushes
  • Tube and valve brushes
  • Special application brushes
  • Squeegees
  • Handles
  • Waterfed
  • Pad holder system
  • Floor and drain collection
  • Industrial safety shovels
  • Transport sets
  • Transport brooms and brushes
  • Transport handles
  • Transport brushes
  • Transport squeegees


Our consulting team of accredited experts in food safety, quality, sanitation, and EHS assist each of our clients to achieve and sustain GFSI certifications and regulatory requirements through onsite and remote consultations. This team ensures our clients have robust food safety and quality programs in place.  ProTech provides the following services;

Consulting and Auditing of GFSI Food Safety and Quality Programs such as BRC, SQF, FSSC22000, and IFS

Program Development, Implementation, and Validation

Documentation Review and Preparation

Training Resources on Food Safety and Quality Programs and Documentation (FSMA, HACCP, GFSI, Sanitation)

Onsite and Remote Plant Support of Sanitation Activities

Troubleshooting In-Plant Sanitation Challenges

EHS Documentation Review and Preparation


ProActive Solutions believes in eliminating uncertainties from our business operations. Our commitment is to collaborate closely with each customer, offering reliable shipping and delivery services through our dedicated Pro Transport service trucks. Working with reasonable lead times and factoring in the distance from our planned routes, our team expertly coordinates shipments for our valued customer base.