The Victory Product: Setting the Benchmark for Single-Step Cleaning in Clean-in-Place Systems

In the realm of industrial cleaning, a food manufacturing facility’s sanitation process and clean-in-place (CIP) systems must constantly be optimized for greatest efficiency. These processes ensure hygiene and efficiency of all machinery, and safety of all products that come from the facility.

Traditionally, CIP sanitation processes involve multiple steps, including caustic washing and acid rinsing. What if you could eliminate 2-3 of those steps, saving time, water, and labor? ProActive Solutions USA’s ‘Victory Product’, is redefining this standard.

What is The Victory Product?

ProActive Solutions USA, began exploring the development of single-step cleaners after identifying performance concerns with existing products in the marketplace. Through extensive trials across multiple food industries and applications, ‘Victory’ and the ProActive Solutions USA single-step cleaning product line was born.

The Victory Product is an alkaline-based single-step cleaning detergent containing a critical balance of chelators, surfactants, dispersants, and alkaline builders. This formulation is designed to deliver high cleaning performance specifically in the food industry.

The Victory Product is ideal for industries that utilize CIP systems, including:

  • Food and Beverage Manufacturers: Ensuring hygiene and safety in food production.
  • Dairy Industry: Maintaining cleanliness in milk and dairy processing.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Adhering to strict cleanliness standards in drug manufacturing.
  • Breweries: Keeping equipment free from contamination during beer production.

Unlike traditional sanitation methods requiring both caustic and acid washes, The Victory Product performs effectively with only a caustic wash. This innovation not only simplifies the cleaning process but also offers numerous significant advantages.

Key Benefits of The Victory Product:

  1. Water Savings:
    • Reduced Rinse Water: Fewer rinse cycles mean less water consumption.
    • Lower CIP Make-Up Water: Minimizes the amount of water needed to prepare cleaning solutions.
    • Reduced Water Treatment Costs: Decreases the volume of wastewater requiring treatment.
  2. Time Savings:
    • Eliminates Rinse Cycles: Speeds up the cleaning process by removing intermediate rinses.
    • Increases Production Time: Shorter cleaning cycles translate to more operational uptime.
    • Enhances Equipment Longevity: Reduces wear and tear on equipment due to fewer cleaning cycles.
  3. Labor Savings:
    • Reduces Labor Costs: Fewer steps mean less time spent by personnel on cleaning.
    • Re-Directs Labor: Frees up staff to focus on other critical tasks.
    • Less Chemical Handling: Simplifies the process by reducing the number of chemicals that need to be managed.

Cheese Manufacturer in Monroe, WI

A Monroe, WI multiple time world champion cheese manufacturer recently constructed a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant for their muenster cheese production. ‘Victory’ was being used in COP tanks in other areas of their plants with great results. Results included usage reductions, non-staining, and an overall better clean compared to past products used by the customer. With these proven results, ProActive earned an opportunity to utilize ‘Victory’ to clean the entire plant for this new & exciting project.

The Results

  • ‘Victory’ saved 20 hours of weekly wash time
  • We saw a 50% reduction in water usage, totaling 1.7 million gallons of annual water usage.
  • Overall, this customer saved 41 production days by implementing single-step cleaning in their new cheese manufacturing plant.

That’s powerful!


Victory™ is the best Single Step cleaner I have used, it rinses clean, leaves no caustic residue and I use less product.” 

With water usage constraints, we are extremely happy with how much better Victory™ rinses compared to other similar products.”


The Victory Product is available worldwide, and integrates seamlessly into existing CIP systems without the need for significant modifications, and can be applied to various equipment, including: vat and line CIP systems, pasteurizers, separators, cookers, form or mould washers, and rack or tray washers.

The Victory Product by ProActive Solutions, USA is revolutionizing the CIP industry by setting a new standard in single-step cleaning. Its cost-saving, resource-efficient, and productivity-boosting qualities make it a standout solution for any industry reliant on CIP systems. By simplifying the cleaning process, The Victory Product not only enhances operational efficiency but also supports sustainable practices, making it a win-win for businesses and the environment. If you have the right chemistry, single-step cleaning with The Victory Product is an excellent process change to explore.

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