Summer Fun: Construction barrels, sunsets, creamsicles……barrier dip?

Summer Fun: Construction barrels, sunsets, creamsicles……barrier dip?

Summer is here.  It is important to focus on udder health with the new season. Many farms turn cows out on pasture and the likelihood of finding mud and water are greatly increased. This is the perfect time to look at barrier dips to improve the overall health of your herd.

The use of barrier teat dips in the dairy industry have been around for some time. Barrier teat dips are defined as a film (barrier) forming around the teat to stop bacteria from entering the teat canal. When post dipping teats, the viscous barrier drips down forming the barrier at the end of the teat. The dips are formulated with a germicide to aid in the prevention of mastitis. The post dip is then removed during the next milking pre-dip procedures. Barrier dips were developed to effectively reduce the infection caused by environmental bacteria. Early barrier dips were very thick and produced a physical film. Recent formulations are created with different polymers that are less tacky.

One of our more unique barrier dips is called Gold-Bloc™. Gold-Bloc™ has been in our product line for many years and contains 0.2% active Bronopal. Bronopal is a unique germicide that has been used in many industries as a preservative and anti-microbial.  It has been very effective in challenging conditions such as wet environments. The carefully selected 10% emollient base and NPE-Free ingredient package helps keep teats from drying out while providing softening, healing and care. The easily identifiable orange color and breathable low drip dip creates extra protection by slowing the dips travel to the end of the teat which in turn provides that important protection from mastitis causing bacteria from entering the teat canal.

Please reach out to to see if Gold-Bloc™ is a fit for your herd.


Jeremy Arend

Animal Health & Hygiene Sales Manager – ProActive Solutions USA, LLC

Jeremy has been working in milk quality for the past 17 years. He has worked as field representative as well as animal health and hygiene specialist before becoming sales manager. He holds a degree from Michigan State University in Agricultural Business as well as short course in Dairy Management.

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