A Victory™ in Single Step Cleaning Part 1

A Victory™ in Single Step Cleaning Part 1

Clean-In-Place (CIP) and Clean-Out-Of Place (COP) methods of cleaning have been used in the Food & Beverage industry for many years using many similar types of detergents and cleaners.  Using examples and testimonials in this series, we will discuss ways the ProActive Solutions USA line of Single Step Chemistries (Victory™, Acid# 750™, Acid# 850™ and Super V- Foam™) saved time, water, labor, chemicals and ultimately money.

The traditional method of CIP cleaning consists of a pre-rinse, caustic wash, rinse, acid wash, second rinse and sanitizing step. It is possible to dramatically improve the efficiency of your CIP cycles and systems by using one of ProActive Solutions’ Single Step Chemistries. These detergents will save time, water, energy and chemicals for your operation. (See Fig.1 and Fig.2)


Victory™ is a single-phase alkaline cleaner which in most applications eliminates the need for the acid wash step in the cleaning cycle. This heavy-duty alkaline detergent is built with special additives that allow the cleaning of both hot and cold surfaces of processing equipment. The specially formulated surfactant package allows the majority of applications to eliminate the acid wash step and CIP wash additives.  However, we do recommend that plants do a periodic acid treatment as part of their PM program.


We have done many in-plant comparisons with some of the other products available on the market and understand there are concerns with staining/discoloration of some vessels.  After de-staining these vessels, we were able to maintain that desired, bright and shiny surface when the plant converted to Victory™.  In some cases where we were unable to do a complete de-stain process, Victory™ actually helped to lighten the staining of those vessels.


In COP applications, Victory™ (alkaline) or Acid# 750™ / Acid# 850™ (acid) work extremely well in the following applications: plastic (poly) parts, stainless-steel parts, interlock belts, solid, plastic or vinyl belts, micro-perf cheese moulds, solid plastic cheese moulds and stainless-steel forms.  We have been able to test the functionality of Victory™ over time in several different types of soil and applications.  One discovery was how well Victory™ worked in low temperatures.


One end-user did not have all of its COP tanks outfitted with heat.  Over time, the wash solution would lose temperature so we decided to test the functionality of the product.  Over the next several weeks, we ran Victory™ at ambient temperature between 65 F and 140 F.  We experienced great performance, rinseability and most important, negative ATP and SPC swabs.  An unplanned added saving to the plant was that we were able to hold the wash solution for up to 2 weeks (depending on soil load and monitoring).


A few comments from current users, “Victory™ is the best Single Step cleaner I have used, it rinses clean, leaves no caustic residue and I use less product.”  “With water usage constraints, we are extremely happy with how much better Victory™ rinses compared to other similar products.”


With so many new wastewater constraints and restrictions, these single step cleaners can help to meet plant’s goals in water usage savings, sustainability initiatives and phosphorus reductions.  A recent transition from traditional CIP to the Victory™ single step process in a fluid milk and drying plant showed savings of 1 hour per wash and over 300 gallons of water per wash; some facilities in our country are paying up to $0.30/gal to remove wastewater!  Pretty significant!



Travis Schneider

Director of Business Development – ProActive Solutions USA

Travis has over 20 years of food industry experience in the poultry, dairy and flavors markets.  His experience ranges from plant operations & quality to field cleaning & sanitation management.  Travis’ passion is to exceed our customer’s expectations. Travis has a degree in International AG from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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