Foam on the Farm

Foam on the Farm

Cleaning your facility is often times thought of as an additional step at the end of a shift. If left to employees’ discretion, we routinely see this process being skipped or left until a later time. But with more and more emphasis being placed on facility cleanliness, foam cleaning might just be the tool you need to get your employees engaged and interested in your facility’s overall hygiene. At ProActive Solutions, we offer a wide range of cleaners and sanitizers designed to be foamed and/or sprayed depending on your facility’s needs. Pro Parlor Shine™ and Pro Parlor Brite™ are excellent high foaming products that should be incorporated in your facility’s cleaning plan.

Not only does foam penetrate and remove soils quicker, it can also help reduce your overall chemical usage. As the old saying goes, “If a little is good, a lot is better,” but this isn’t always the case when it comes to chemicals. With foam cleaning, we can achieve similar results with lower concentrations due to increased chemical contact times.

Other advantages of foam cleaning are its ability to penetrate hard to reach areas. With the correct foam unit, we can reach the top of that 20-foot wall or clean next to the bulk tanks without having to stand on a ladder or fenagle your way into tight spaces. Simply foam the surface to be cleaned and after waiting the recommended time, rinse away with a low-pressure water hose.

Portable foam units offer their own set of advantages. Not only can these be used where water is not easily accessible, you can also clean equipment the power washer hose won’t reach. With the newer battery powered units, you can affix units on utility vehicles and foam and/or sanitize multiple locations without having to transport heavy equipment or roll out hoses and power cords. We carry a full line of foaming equipment (portable, wall-mount, battery, dual-product, central & teat-foaming). The cleaning possibilities with foam cleaning are truly endless.

If developing cleaning protocols for your facility has been on your mind, contact one of ProActive’s Animal Health & Hygiene Specialists to see how we can help. With foam cleaning, it’s time to make your facility’s cleanliness a more enjoyable, less labor-intensive daily task.


Todd Worden

Animal Health and Hygiene Specialist – ProActive Solutions USA



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