ProActive Solutions USA, LLC provides solutions from farm to table. It all begins on the farm. Our Animal Health & Hygiene Specialists and comprehensive dairy farm service program will help your farm meet or exceed your milk quality, herd health, and operation goals.

Services and Support

Animal Health & Hygiene Specialist are highly trained to identify the most challenging cleaning problems. They also assist in developing SSOPs for the dairy, including recommendations on chemicals, equipment, and procedures that will minimize costs and maximize performance.

  • On-Farm Support
  • Delivery

Udder Health

ProActive Solutions USA manufactures high-quality teat dips to aid in the prevention of mastitis causing organisms. Teat health begins with the right germicide and emollient package. Our Animal Health & Hygiene Specialist are trained to assist dairies in making proper decisions based on farm conditions.

  • Iodine Teat Dips
  • Peroxide Teat Dips
  • Chlorine Dioxide Dips
  • Bronopol Dips
  • Barrier Dips
  • Winter Dips

Parlor Cleaning / CIP

Achieving high quality milk begins with a properly set up wash program. Our Animal Health & Hygiene Specialists are trained in properly setting up wash programs from small to large dairies. Our programs are tailored for individual farms based on their goals.

  • Detergents
  • Acids
  • Sanitizers
  • Single Phase Cleaners

Herd Care

Your herd starts with focused high-quality care. Our programs are introduced to improve animal health as well as return on investment.

  • Calf Care
  • Hoof Care

Specialty Chemicals

Bundle your purchases to include the following programs. One P.O., One Check, One Delivery!

  • Laundry
  • Lagoon Treatment
  • Digestor Chemistry
  • Glycols
  • Water Treatment


ProActive Solutions manufactures high quality chemicals and sanitizers. We rely on the equipment manufacturers for the “best available technology” to apply our products and help us solve your sanitation needs.

  • Teat Dip Foaming
  • Parlor Foaming
  • Teat Dip Transfer Systems
  • Chemical Dosing Pumps
  • Laundry Pumps
  • Mixing systems

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